It is impossible to completely clear all information from your computer about the web sites you visit. If you believe someone is tracking your internet use, please use a safer computer or contact Safe Place in another way.

These instructions can help prevent someone from tracking your internet use. After you have read these instructions and understand what to do, please close and exit your internet browser. Restart your browser making sure you are not currently on the Safe Place web site and then follow the instructions to clear your history.

Clearing the Temporary Internet files and Internet History files in Windows –
In Windows (Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP)

From “Start” or “My Computer” open the “Control Panel”
In “Control Panel” click on “Internet Options”.
On the “General” tab find “Browsing History”. Click the “Delete” button. This will clear temporary internet files, the history files, as well as other stored data about internet use.
At the bottom of the window click the “Apply” button, then click “Okay”.
How can I clear the Internet Explorer history file?
To clear history in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above –

Open the “Favorites Center” by clicking on the “Star” icon in the third toolbar from the top.
Click on the “History” dropdown arrow and select “By Date”. All the web sites you have viewed will appear in the window.
Right click on the web site you want to delete. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the History item. Click “Yes”. Do this for each page you want to delete.
On the right side of the page select “Tools”. From the dropdown menu select “Internet Options” .
In the “General” tab find “Browsing History”. Click the “Delete” button. A new window will open called “Delete Browsing History”. Find “Temporary Internet Files”. Click on “Delete”. It will ask you to confirm delete action. Click “Yes”. In the same window find “History”. Click the “Delete” button. Confirm delete by clicking “Yes”.
You must repeat this process every time you visit a site and you want to keep your visit confidential.
Instructions on how to clear the History/Cache in older versions of Internet Explorer on a PC.

Look at the Toolbar across the top of the page and select “Internet Options” under the “View” or “Tools” option.
Under the “General” folder under “Internet Options”, there is a section called “History”. Change the “Days to keep pages in History:” to 0 and click the “Clear History” button.
Click “Apply” at the bottom of the “Internet Options” box, then click “OK”
To double check that everything is cleared, click the “History” button on the web browser toolbar – it should be empty. Also, click the arrow on the right of the URL Address box – no additional web sites should appear below the address field.
Older versions of Internet Explorer for Macintosh
Instructions for clearing cache (instructions the same for IE4.5)

In Internet Explorer 4 or above, open the Edit menu, and then click on Preferences.
Double click on “Web Browser” until the list drops down.
Select “Advanced.”
You will see a box called “Cache,” and click on “Empty Now” button.
Click “OK,” then Quit from Internet Explorer and restart your computer if you need to.
How can I clear the Netscape Navigator history file?
To change or clear the history file in Netscape Navigator (older versions):

On the Toolbar choose “Edit” then at the bottom of the drop down menu choose “Preferences”
On the left side of the window click the arrow next to “Navigator”.
Select “History”. This will open “Browsing History”.
Click the “Clear History” button.
Under “Location Bar History” click the “Clear Location Bar” button.
Close Netscape Navigator.
To check that the Netscape Navigator History is clear, reopen Navigator. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the URL field. No web addresses should appear below the current URL field.
To clear the history file in Netscape Browser (version 8.0 and later):

Select the “Tools” option on the toolbar at the top of the page.
Click “Options”. Under “Security and Privacy” select “Privacy”.
Check the box that says “Clear my tracks on exit”. Click the “Clear All” button.
Select “Page History” and click on the “Clear” button.
Select :Search History” and check the box next to “Clear search history on browser exit”. Click on the “Clear” button.
Select “Download Manager History”. Check the box next to “Clear download history on browser exit”.
Select “Cache”. Check the box next to “Clear cache on browser exit”.
At the bottom of the window click on “Okay”. Exit Netscape Browser.
To check that the history is clear – Open Netscape. In the sidebar on the left side of the window find “History”. Next to “History” click on “View”. In the dropdown menu choose “By Site”. Only the current page should show in the list. If other pages show, right click on each page name and choose “Delete”.
At the top of the page click on the drop down arrow at the right of the URL address field. Nothing should drop down beneath the current URL. On the toolbar at the top of the page click on “Tools”. From the dropdown window select “Tab History”. Only the current URL should show to the right.