Thank you for considering a gift to Safe Place of the Permian Basin. Your gift saves lives and changes lives every day.

Thank you for your partnership in the work to break the cycle of violence for families in our Permian Basin communities. To make a donation using our secure server, click the Donate Now button below.

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Circle of Hope

Donors who make major gifts to Safe Place are invited to join the Circle of Hope giving society. These donors are recognized for their commitment to our mission to break the cycle of violence and create strong, healthy families. Join this community of philanthropists who believe in creating new opportunities for change for survivors of domestic violence.

The Circle of Hope includes the following giving levels:

Leadership Circle – annual gifts of $10,000 or more
Partnership Circle – annual gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
Friendship Circle – annual gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Honorary and Memorial Gifts – Recognize Special People with Your Gift

Your gift in honor or in memory of that special person – parent, child, sibling, friend, co-worker – is a thoughtful way to recognize the life and accomplishments of those close to you.

When you make an honorary or memorial gift, Safe Place sends an acknowledgement of your gift to the honoree or next of kin. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are just some of the occasions that can be remembered with an honorary or memorial gift. Send your gift with the honoree’s name, as well as the address of those who should receive an acknowledgement of your gift. The online donor form includes space for information about honorary and memorial gifts.

Cash Gifts

Cash, in the form of personal or corporate checks, is the most popular type of gift Safe Place receives from individuals. Gifts can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. You will receive a personal letter recognizing your gift and documenting it for tax purposes. Checks should be made payable to Safe Place and mailed directly to the administrative office, P.O. Box 11331, Midland, TX 79702. For a printable donor form or to make an online donation click the Donate Now button to go to our secure donor page.

Stocks & Bonds

Safe Place can accept gifts of appreciated stocks and bonds when these securities have been held long term (more than one year). When you make a gift of stocks or bonds, you can receive a charitable deduction equal to the current full fair market value of the securities.

The best way to transfer these securities to Safe Place depends on how they are held by you. Please contact the Development Director at Safe Place to discuss the best method of transferring assets. It is best to transfer the assets directly rather than selling them and then making a gift of the proceeds because this may trigger a capital gains liability for you.

Legacy and Planned Gifts – Make a difference in the lives that follow.

You can insure that the causes and charities that mean the most to you continue to benefit from your support after you are gone. A tax advisor or financial planner can help you determine the best way to accomplish this goal.

Some donors prefer one-time gifts from their estates; others decide to structure their gifts over time. Your gift can be designated for the purpose you choose. In any case, your planned gift will have an impact that reaches far beyond your lifetime. Some kinds of planned gifts include the following:

A Charitable Bequest as Part of Your Will

You can structure your bequest as an outright gift of money or property, a percentage of your estate, the balance of your estate after gifts to your family, or a contingency gift—that is, your estate goes to the charity if your family does not survive you. A bequest is a simple way to protect part of your estate from state and federal estate taxes and federal income taxes.

Retirement or Pension Plan

You can name Safe Place as a beneficiary of your tax-deferred IRA or 401(k) retirement plan. After your retirement you continue to have use of the money to live on. The remainder at the time of your death is given to Safe Place. The remaining assets of your pension plan may be subject to a significant tax liability (federal and state estate taxes, federal income taxes) which can virtually eliminate any benefit to individual heirs. Since charities are tax-exempt, the charity will get more from the gift than would an individual.

Life Insurance Policy

It’s easy to name Safe Place as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You can also realize tax benefits by giving the policy to Safe Place as well as naming Safe Place as the beneficiary. When you pay the annual premium on the policy that will also be considered a charitable tax-deductible gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is made up of assets you choose to include. These assets pay a regular income to you and your spouse, or other beneficiaries you name. When these income beneficiaries pass away, the remainder of the trust transfers to the charity you choose. A charitable remainder trust can protect your estate against capital gains and inheritance taxes.

Charitable Lead Trust

Income from assets you place in this type of trust is paid to the charity of your choice for a period of time you choose. At the end of this period, the remainder of the trust assets revert to your estate or the beneficiary you choose. This type of trust has the same kind of tax advantages as a charitable remainder trust.

Your financial planner or tax advisor can assist you with making a legacy gift to Safe Place. Thanks to your generous foresight, families in the future will benefit from your continuing philanthropy.